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Ceremonial grade describes the processing and quality of product. Being “ceremonial” means that the highest quality cacao is treated with utmost care, minimising any loss of healthy bioactive components. This raw traditional grade of cacao boast some truly impressive, scientifically studied nutritional benefits.

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Our Story

CoKo Lounge is a joint effort of Otago grads aspiring to make a naturally healthy impact as they give back to the community that helped shape them.

CoKo Lounge intends to make a difference in people’s everyday lives by providing traditional yet uniquely innovative beverages that breathe life into those who imbibe them nutritionally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Our Mission is to have every customer put down an artisanal infusion happy and satisfied. As we expand, we hope to further assist cacao growers in Samoa and Cook Islands to create a sustainable, respectful trade honouring life itself.

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Coko lounge

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9am – 4pm everyday
37 St Andrews Street, Dunedin, South Island


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