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CoKo Lounge New Zealand

Pure Liquor

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“Awaken to the heart, purity and truth of ancient full spectrum cacao.”

Pure Liquor gets its name from the chocolate industry’s terminology for blocks of raw cacao, referred to as chocolate “liquor.” This full-spectrum Raw Cacao drink includes all the cacao butter found in the beans, which adds to the body's nutritional absorption and flavour experience.

Pure Liquor is a genuinely new product and whole-body sensation — nothing else on the market is its equal. We have specifically created a beverage that enables ceremonial grade cacao with all its biotic health benefits to be easily consumed in a delicious way by everyone.

Pure Liquor is comparable to drinking luscious dark chocolate but without the bitterness. CoKo Lounge expertise in botanical extracts enables formulation of the most divine cacao drinks in the world. We unlock and activate the complete profile of flavours and flavanols that properly fermented Criollo cacao cultivars have to offer.