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CoKo Lounge New Zealand

The Elixer Mixer

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Want to Know Which Cacao Elixer is Your Favourite?

Our 4 best-sellers rolled into one:

  • Pure Liquor - 150g
  • Maca Love - 150g
  • Bonzai Matcha - 150g
  • Hot Chocolate - 150g

Pure Liquor gets its name from the chocolate industry’s terminology for blocks of raw cacao being called chocolate “liquor.” This full-spectrum Raw Cacao drink includes all of the cacao butter found in the beans, which has plenty of health benefits in itself.

Maca Love is our unique blend of the regal Maca Root and centering, autumnal spices. The homely array of spices include our unique cacao flavour complemented by both the smooth, earthen maca, zingy ginger and toasty cinnamon notes.

Bonzai Matcha is the synergistic unification of two traditionally ceremonial beverages. Organic Matcha and Raw Bio-active Cacao. Hailing from Japan, Matcha is crafted from the finest green tea bushes that have been meticulously bred for taste and effects. Blended with coKo Lounge's bioactive Raw Cacao, organic Matcha takes on a whole new flavour and synergised effect. 

Hot Chocolate although still raw ceremonial grade cacao is processed to reduce the coca butter content to 10% instead of 50%. This means that there is a greater concentration of flavonols, specific antioxidants, bioactives and safe alkaloids that deliver mildly stimulating properties.