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CoKo Lounge New Zealand

Mōnal Ginger Nootropic

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Energize and sharpen your mind with The Mōnal Ginger Nootropic.

Mōnal Ecstatic’s are Formulated to support mental clarity, memory, and mind body focus. With a potent nootropic base and delicious botanic additives Mōnal helps keep you balanced throughout the day.  

Let each sip warm your belly and tingle your tongue with warming ginger, fennel and cinnamon notes as you sip throughout the day or combine with warm milk for a delicate chai spice drink.

Imbibe Mōnal raw fermented wellness.
Energize with a jitter free all day lift.
Sharpen yourself with bioactive mind-body focus.


“All-natural no nonsense mind-body focus” ~ Oisin

Three servings per bottle.