Copy of Our Story

Coko Lounge began with a question back in mid-2019, why on earth does chocolate need to be bad for you?

Well shortly thereafter we discovered it doesn’t! In fact, cacao, the main component of choc, is packed with all sorts of nutrients that nourish and fortify your body. This only enforced our belief that you can eat delicious food without making a sacrifice on its nutritional benefits.

While our research answered one of our questions, it left us with another… Why doesn’t everybody know about this?? And thus, we started Coko Lounge, the first cacao lounge in New Zealand and our way to begin to bring cacao to the masses.

Starting our flagship cafe in Dunedin in late 2019, we got to work researching and developing new and healthy Cacao Elixers that not only taste fantastic and leave you feeling great but are also free of any refined sugars and nasty additives.

Through 2020-2021 we have continued to expand, becoming stocked in cafés and delis around Dunedin and became a staple of the Otago Farmer’s Market where we can educate and share our cacao with everybody.

The future of cacao in NZ is growing quickly and we are excited and privileged to be pioneering the way forward!