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What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial cacao drinking is a long held tradition enjoyed by the ancients. Ceremonial grade cacao is made from pure cacao bean paste. By carefully treating the paste with the right care, you can minimise any loss of the immense health properties you will get from the Antipodes range. 

Cacao offers many incredible health benefits that will suit people who wish to boost their immune systems.

  • Most antioxidant dense food in nature
  • Highest plant-based source of iron
  • More calcium than cow's milk

    About Coko Lounge

    Our mission is put the considerable health benefits of traditional cacao in the hands of consumers, while simultaneously creating a fantastic tasting product.

    Coko Lounge started with just 2 friends passionate about cacao and healthy living. Over time the team has grown to encompass a diverse group who are all driven to make the mission a reality.

    Antipodes Cacao Beverages

    Ancient Embers - paprika, clove and cayenne pepper

    Golden Ground - turmeric, ginger and black pepper

    Healing Waves - spirulina, blueberry and cinnamon

    Mycelium Shield - turkey tail, chaga and lion's mane

    Tranquil Grove - fennel, anise and cardamom

    Cacao Elixers Range - Pure Liquor, Maca Love, Bonzai Matcha, Hot Chocolate, Deep Mocha

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