Open, Adapt and Edge


A package of three 4ml bioactive natural flavours.

Open – Anise, Cinnamon, and Peppermint
Adapt – lime, Lavender, and Nutmeg
Edge – Bergamot, Orange and Copaiba

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Our Natural Botanical Flavourings are handcrafted from only the finest, highest quality ingredients to deliver you the freshest bursts of flavour. All are free from synthetic chemicals and any other nasties. Culinary flavours that make up these unique infusions are sourced from plants either certified organic or wildcrafted in safe, fair and responsible ways. These extractions are then emulsified into vegetable glycerin matrix ready to be added to any food or liquid, including use for topical application.

Vegetable glycerin is a liquid derived from coconut oil that has the fatty components removed leaving behind slightly sweet tasting syrup. Vegetable glycerin boasts many health benefits internally and externally from moisturizing to improved hydration uptake. Our proprietary formulas support bio-availability of polyphenols aka flavonoids. Our artisanal high-tech small batch processes lock in freshness and deliver maximum flavour effects.

Many of our natural flavours are also beneficial dietary supplements such as βCP or β-caryophyllene. βCP is an anti-inflammatory that acts on the endocannabinoid systems CB2 receptors supporting healthy immune systems.

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