Bonzai Matcha


Uniquely stimulating anti-oxidant infusion unleashing the synergy of organic matcha and bioactive cacoa.

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Bonzai Matcha is the synergistic unification of two traditionally ceremonial beverages. Organic Matcha and Raw Bio-active Cacao. Hailing from Japan, Matcha is crafted from the finest green tea bushes that have been meticulously bred for taste and effects. Blended with coKo Lounge’s bioactive Raw Cacao, organic Matcha takes on a whole new flavour and synergised effect. Cacao contains unique bioactive compounds that extend the life of the complex compounds within Matcha. Cacao provides our beverage with the rich flavour and blissful chemicals to keep long-lasting energy going throughout the day. Bonzai Matcha is a beverage both stimulating and genuinely healthy. It is the highest possible antioxidant rich drink.

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