What is ceremonial grade cacao?

Ceremonial grade describes the processing and quality of product. Being “ceremonial” means that the highest quality cacao is treated with utmost care, minimising any loss of healthy bioactive components. This raw traditional grade of cacao boast some truly impressive, scientifically studied nutritional benefits.

  • Highest natural source of magnesium
  • Highest plant-based source of Iron
  • Greatest source of antioxidants
  • Balancing feel-good hormones Serotonin, Dopamine and Anandamide
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Making breathing easier
  • Countering fatigue in a more sustainable way than coffee
  • Mitigating anxiety
  • Relaxing habitual tensions
  • Increasing stem cell count by up to 2x when ingested twice a day for a month
  • Genuinely supporting immune system functions



Our Natural Botanical Flavourings are handcrafted from only the finest, highest quality ingredients to deliver you the freshest bursts of flavour. All are free from synthetic chemicals and any other nasties. Culinary flavours that make up these unique infusions are sourced from plants either certified organic or wildcrafted in safe, fair and responsible ways. These extractions are then emulsified into vegetable glycerin matrix ready to be added to any food or liquid, including use for topical application.

Vegetable glycerin is a liquid derived from coconut oil that has the fatty components removed leaving behind slightly sweet tasting syrup. Vegetable glycerin boasts many health benefits internally and externally from moisturizing to improved hydration uptake. Our proprietary formulas support bio-availability of polyphenols aka flavonoids. Our artisanal high-tech small batch processes lock in freshness and deliver maximum flavour effects.

Many of our natural flavours are also beneficial dietary supplements such as βCP or β-caryophyllene. βCP is an anti-inflammatory that acts on the endocannabinoid systems CB2 receptors supporting healthy immune systems.


Our Story

CoKo Lounge is a joint effort of Otago grads aspiring to make a naturally healthy impact as they give back to the community that helped shape them.

CoKo Lounge intends to make a difference in people’s everyday lives by providing traditional yet uniquely innovative beverages that breathe life into those who imbibe them nutritionally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Our Mission is to have every customer put down an artisanal infusion happy and satisfied. As we expand, we hope to further assist cacao growers in Samoa and Cook Islands to create a sustainable, respectful trade honouring life itself.


Hot Chocolate

CoKo Lounge Hot Chocolate although still raw ceremonial grade cacao is processed to reduce the coca butter content to 10% instead of 50%. This means that there is a greater concentration of flavonols, specific antioxidants, bioactives and safe alkaloids that deliver mildly stimulating properties.

Taste wise, Hot Chocolate is a bit sweeter and more similar to the flavour palate of other quality dark chocolate drinks.



Deep Mocha

A Deep Mocha is the perfect morning blend to get you up and ready for whatever the day throws at you. With all of the benefits of coffee plus the heart opening, mood-boosting benefits of cacao. Immediately helps you shake off those Monday blues or tiring hump days.


Pure Liquor

Pure Liquor gets its name from the chocolate industry’s terminology for blocks of raw cacao being called chocolate “liquor.” This full-spectrum Raw Cacao drink includes all of the cacao butter found in the beans, which has plenty of health benefits in itself.

Pure Liquor is a genuinely new product and experience — nothing else on the market is its equal. We have specifically created a beverage that allows ceremonial grade cocoa with all of its biotic health benefits to be easily consumed in a delicious way for everyone.

Pure Liquor is comparable to drinking luscious dark chocolate but without the bitterness. CoKo lounge expertise in botanical extracts enables formulation of the healthiest and yummiest cocoa drinks in the world. We unlock and activate the complete profile of flavours and flavonols that properly fermented cacao has to offer.

Bonzai Matcha

Bonzai Matcha is the synergistic unification of two traditionally ceremonial beverages. Organic Matcha and Raw Bio-active Cacao. Hailing from Japan, Matcha is crafted from the finest green tea bushes that have been meticulously bred for taste and effects. Blended with coKo Lounge’s bioactive Raw Cacao, organic Matcha takes on a whole new flavour and synergised effect. Cacao contains unique bioactive compounds that extend the life of the complex compounds within Matcha. Cacao provides our beverage with the rich flavour and blissful chemicals to keep long-lasting energy going throughout the day. Bonzai Matcha is a beverage both stimulating and genuinely healthy. It is the highest possible antioxidant rich drink.

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