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Our world-class libations are for everyday drinkers ready to take their morning and afternoon habits to a new level of bioactive delight. From manually pressed artisanal coffee to competition grade matcha and chai latté, we serve to please. Our ceremonial grade raw cacao is of the highest quality and freshest potency. 

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coKo lounge honours the spirit of Traditional Raw Cacao as imbibed in ancient times. Once revered like gold, we invite you to rediscover the depths of coKo lounge’s delicious liquid infusions while enjoying their wellness benefits. Our in-house made Hemp Mylk combines with bioactives that are stimulating yet relaxing. Superb Cacao, Tea, Coffee & Essential Oil infusions for every day.

Drop in, kick back and relax with your favourite infusion. Or let us surprise you with one of today’s single-origin Fine Teas and thick Cacao Elixers flavoured with pure essences of botanical extracts. Available in New Zealand only at coKo lounge.



With its rich flavor profile and smooth mouth feel, this top standard grade Keemun represents best value for a China “QiMen” or “Red Tea”. Hints of wine and a suggestion of smoke round out the earthy, full-bodied cup. Nice and woodsy, with a flowery sweetness that is very tolerant of steeping time. Most wonderful first thing in the morning, with a smooth, strong flavour, hint of chocolate and a very slight smokiness.



With its rich flavor profile and smooth mouth feel, this top standard grade Keemun represents best value for a China “QiMen” or “Red Tea”. Hints of wine and a suggestion of smoke round out the earthy, full-bodied cup. Nice and woodsy, with a flowery sweetness that is very tolerant of steeping time. Most wonderful first thing in the morning, with a smooth, strong flavour, hint of chocolate and a very slight smokiness.



A more refined version of the classic Russian Caravan. This blend of choice teas from India, China and Formosa yields a smooth, satisfying cup with a bright character. Toasty notes and a light sweetness lead to a crisp finish. A fantastic afternoon tea. Lightweight, smooth and easy drinking, this is a blend for about everyone. An amazingly smooth tea for such a dark cup. While great anytime of the day, it serves as a mellow breakfast tea, without harsh tannins but still bright in its intensity.



A premium blend of Ceylon and China teas, the smooth black tea base balances well with the refreshing natural flavors of bergamot and citrus fruit. Popular in Europe, this Russian-style blend is recommended for an interesting departure from traditional Earl Grey. This is a very fragrant, smooth tea that is a favourite for the afternoon. Considerably brighter than the standard Earl Grey. A blend that satisfies when one desires for a fragrant cup with a complex citrus profile. Even with long steeping and no sweetener, it is a smooth cup with a pronounced flavour.



Broken-leaf Orange Pekoe Darjeeling is often overlooked, as much value tends to be placed on a more stylish leaf. However, this flavorful BOP blend offers a great cup in any case. This tea has that very distinctive Darjeeling taste that makes you say “Wow!” when you have it for the first time. It’s great as a morning tea, and perfect in the afternoon or even iced. Can be steeped a little bit longer to extract all the depth of flavor without becoming bitter or acidic. A favorite tea of many because it’s so straightforward, forgiving with steep time and all around good value.                                              



Our exceptional golden tip Darjeeling blend is a popular favorite. This Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe is Grade #1. It’s fruit hints layered with stronger notes makes it preferred with discerning drinkers. A Darjeeling that is not too astringent, with a lasting finish.



This naturally flavored black tea selection provides a wonderful balance of a classic Earl Grey with creamy vanilla notes. The rich cup is smooth and satisfying. The sunflower petals give the dry leaf real character, producing a beautiful tea. The vanilla is prominent, but subtle, and a rich mouth feel. With hints of caramel, and perhaps licorice as well, underlying the traditional bergamot Earl Grey flavour. Delicious!



Specially blended for those who prefer a richly scented Earl Grey. This one was rated “best overall” by the Wall Street Journal’s Catalog Critic. Bergamot essential oil is this tea’s defining and exclusive flavour, melting away your taste buds. Bergamot is its defining and exclusive flavor. A genuine one-of-a-kind afternoon tea. The flavour reminds a bit of lavender, relaxing while stimulating at the same time.



The best China Lapsang Souchong we have found. To our knowledge we are the only importer of this grade of China Lapsang Souchong in NZ. When we say smoky, we mean it. Yet quite mellow, producing a truly superiour flavour. Outstanding depth of flavour nicely aligned to its big fat smokey punch. Very special quality.



The full flavor notes of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clove hold up to milk and honey, the traditional way to take this tea. May be the best tasting dry spice chai you’ve ever had if you’re one who prefers ginger over black pepper. These warm, spicy, authentic, flavours are definintely not “pumpkin spice” chai. With elevating cardamom and a clean, refreshing aftertaste.



Loose leaf black tea combines with cinnamon pieces, cardamom seed, ginger root, licorice root, coconut pieces and natural flavour. Hints of caramel linger in the finish to produce a yummy summer delight.



This grade of Gunpowder tea is produced from fine China green tea that is painstakingly processed into loosely rolled “pearls.” The finished product is a tea with rich flavor, balanced pungency, and the smoky tones one would expect from a quality gunpowder. Top quality gunpowder tea — a huge difference from standard versions. If you’ve only ever had cheap gunpower, you’ll be happy to discover a whole new level of quality. The organically rolled leaves have a lovely coating of natural oils and essences. As they roll in hot water, they create a beautiful aroma and taste from the first sip.



Literally translated, Chun Mee means ‘precious eyebrows.’ A preferred organic China green tea, it is best served with a rapid steep of about 2 minutes. Light but not weak and with a pure, rich finish. With a a certain delicacy and “greenness” of flavor that one looks for in green teas, it is important not to use too much or brew too long.




Extra care is taken with each step, from the extra-fine picking through the oxidation. Exquisite in style, color, aroma, and taste. A distinctive step up from the already excellent China Keemun First Grade. Very smooth and flavorful. The ultimate in Black Tea. There is no substitue. If ‘Hao-Ya’ Keemun grade is unspecified, it is typically Hao-Ya ‘B’. In this case, Hao-Ya “A” doesn’t touch it. It’s that good.



Long, perfectly twisted leaves produce a dark copper liquor fragrant with bittersweet cocoa notes. Keemun Mao Feng is a high grade Qimen ‘red’ tea from China. Twisted tippy leaves produce a dark amber liquor with a classic Keemun fragrance that is spicy, woody and fruity. The smooth, mineral profile has notes of red fruits and a lightly tangy, stony aftertaste. Notes of Burgundy and cocoa make an excellent pair in the rich, full-bodied cup. The smooth finish lingers with nuances of spice.



The juxtaposition of dark leaves and golden tips gives this black tea from Colombia a beautiful appearance. The dark copper amber liquor is fragrant with toasty cocoa hints. The rich cocoa quality carries on in the flavour of the full-bodied cup, finishing with a raisin sweetness. A malty, almost smokey flavor that is rich, full bodied and satisfying. Tastes decidedly different from the many “orthodox” blends of black, darjeeling, assam and “breakfast” teas.



The very bold, twisted leaves of this black tea offering from Colombia yield a dark amber copper liquor with an inviting toasty aroma. The rich, full-bodied cup is very smooth with a cocoa mouth feel. A hint of caramelized sugar and whisper of spice linger in the finish. Coffee drinkers may find this to be a perfect transitional tea. Nice and weighty full body, imparting delicate flavors of cocoa, caramel and dark fruit. A great morning cup for those used to coffee. A beautiful leaf combining the maltiness of a Assam with the chocolate overtones of a Keemun but lighter than both. Very pleasant to drink.



A harmonious blend of bright citrus notes with an herbaceous character and full, round mouth feel distinguishes this black tea selection as a very special cup. The aroma is toasty with a hint of spice. Cacao notes lead to a crisp finish. Brews up a medium amber cup characterised by a definite earthiness. A hint of citrus lightens up the cup a bit. Uniquely pleasant with its berry or raspberry notes and very little bitterness.



An abundance of downy, golden tips and chocolate-brown leaves produce a dark ruby-copper liquor with a pronounced cocoa aroma and velvety smooth mouth feel. Soft and complex with natural sweetness, including chocolate and floral notes. A caramel sweetness wraps around its notes of semi-sweet cocoa that are complemented by warm toasty hints. A daily alternative for those accustomed to English Breakfast or quality Rooibos. With a subtle sweetness that combines caramel and honey, this is a tea so smooth you can drink it all day long.



Cacao husks and nibs, from small chocolate producers in the Tumaco region of Colombia, are blended with bold, dark brown leaves to create this unique, naturally flavored selection from Colombia. Sweet notes from the black tea base provide the perfect accent for the rich cocoa flavor. These wirey, twisted leaves can handle a long 6 minute steep. Tannins are medium-full, with rich and earthy flavour including a hint of cacao that complements the nibs. A fun afternoon tea. Even for those who may not be a fan of favored tea, this is a wonderfully unique brew to try. The slightly bitter taste of the cacao gives the tea a dark chocolate note that lingers nicely.



This extraordinary grade of Matcha Gen-mai Cha is seldom seen outside of Japan. The components are of exceptional quality, and produce a harmonious, well-balanced infusion, which is eminently smooth. Toasted rice add a soothing, mellow quality to the complex vegetal flavor. A lovely green color when steeped. The taste is a marvelous combination of nutty, toasted, and vegetal. This Matcha dusted Gen-mai Cha is truly one of the best in the world. A bold, robust flavour with taste of straw, earthy but also slightly sweet.



Tightly rolled leaf bud sets scented with an alluring fruity nuance. A delicate tea for genuine Jasmine lovers. Try a quick first steep and just a wee longer of a second steep, maybe even a third. Some feel that this is the best daily cuppa they have ever tried. The perfect way to start a day — and the perfect way to end it!



The dark olive leaves of this green tea from Colombia are long and wiry, yielding a golden jade liquor with an herbaceous aroma. The cup has a smooth, buttery mouth feel with a hint of honey and suggestion of cocoa. With its crisp, clean finish, this tea is a great choice for those looking for a green tea without a vegetal quality. If you love senchas and oolongs and wiry greens teas from China, this nuanced and delicious organic green from Columbia will not disappoint. Reminiscent of pre-Chingming green tea in the lack of vegetal quality. Nice earthy flavors and aroma with a honeyed, almost nutty aspect.



From the Uva district of Sri Lanka, this organic green tea offering has long, well-twisted leaves that produce a pale golden liquor with a smooth mouth feel. The light, sweet aroma is earthy with mineral nuances. The herbaceous cup has a stone fruit sweetness and a clean finish. With a taste that is very neutral but still good, it has mysteriously low level astringency making for an easy to drink everyday beverage staple.  On the milder side with an excellent finish that lingers. A great choice for those who enjoy a less vegetal flavor.



A superior grade of Sencha, with a brighter flavor and smoother finish than basic Sencha. Highly recommended. A smooth and rich Sencha without any excess bitterness or off-balance notes. Importantly, it responds well to up to several rounds of steeping, unusual for a green tea. If you have been solely a black tea drinker, you are about to discover what you have been missing! This special grade Sencha may convert you to a new level of tea appreciation.


Grown in the Wuyi Mountains of northern Fujian province, this pre-Chingming black tea (harvested before the April Chingming Holiday) produces a dark copper liquor of medium body. This tea is delicious. A light earthy aroma introduces sweet herbaceous notes in its smooth cup. Nuances of stone fruit and cocoa lead to a bold, lingering finish with a citrus-like brightness. Amazingly rich full-flavour profile includes stone fruit along with citrus and cocoa with a malty, clean finish. It’s mellow, somewhat earthy and without bitter taste.


From Aichi prefecture, this high-quality Organic Matcha offering produces a superlative, dark jade cup with a pronounced vegetal character and full mouth feel. Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. It is special in two aspects of farming and processing: the green tea plants for matcha are shade-grown for three to four weeks before harvest, and the stems and veins are removed during processing.                                                                                                                                                                                  

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coKo lounge serves a wide variety of Fine Teas from around the world: be that wonderfully subtle Keemuns, strong morning blends or non-caffeinated varieties of naturally flavoured Rooibos. All are carefully selected by our tea master Sifu Dai.

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